Continuing Education: The Options; The Reality

Posted on January 05, 2014 by Kim Lewis | 0 Comments

Kids, my own or those I work with, are often slightly astonished that I like school—genuinely like school. . They can’t believe I willingly went to school beyond college and even now happily sign up...

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Collaboration Corner: Supervision 101

Posted on December 16, 2013 by Kerry Davis | 0 Comments

  As a school-based clinician in the Boston area, I’m grateful to have access to some of the greatest learning institutions in the country. As an off-site clinical supervisor, I feel particula...

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The Essence of Childhood, Found

Posted on November 25, 2013 by Kim | 0 Comments

How a cat's tail helped me to better understand my daughter and bring some of the magic of childhood back into my own life.

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How to Use The Language of Baking

Posted on November 05, 2013 by Rebecca Eisenberg | 0 Comments

Do you want to spice up your therapy sessions? Try this no fail recipe for pumpkin brownies. They are moist, full of chocolate flavor and absolutely delicious. You will not miss the additional oil ...

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When Is Treatment for Stuttering 'Completed'?

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Brooke Leiman | 1 Comment

Both parents and speech therapists alike find themselves struggling to decide when treatment is complete for someone who stutters. Therapy for a child who has difficulty saying their "r"s has a dis...

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Harnessing Learning Styles

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Maureen Wilson | 0 Comments

How many times have you heard someone say, “I’m a visual learner” or “I need to do it to understand it." These are styles of learning. Depending on what research you find, there are 20, 16, 7, etc....

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Toddler Speech and Language Activities for Halloween

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Family Learning Depot | 0 Comments

It's fall, and the temperatures are finally cooling off in the southern part of the United States. . One of my most favorite months during the fall is October. . I love Halloween and now that I have...

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