How to Provide Bilingual Services (Even When You’re Monolingual)

Posted on January 05, 2014 by Leisha Vogl | 0 Comments

Evaluation is one huge hurdle to working with English Language Learners (ELL). The second is providing therapy. Once you’ve determined there is a disorder, what do you do? Do you provide treatment ...

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Kid Confidential: Typical Aggression in Toddlers

Posted on November 25, 2013 by Maria Del Duca | 0 Comments

  As an SLP who works with very young children a common question I am asked by parents is about their toddler’s aggression toward other children. . “Susie just started taking toys from other ch...

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When Is Treatment for Stuttering 'Completed'?

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Brooke Leiman | 1 Comment

Both parents and speech therapists alike find themselves struggling to decide when treatment is complete for someone who stutters. Therapy for a child who has difficulty saying their "r"s has a dis...

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How Many Words Should My Toddler Say?

Posted on October 29, 2013 by Family Learning Depot | 1 Comment

Many parents ask, "How many words should my toddler say?" . Most toddlers start saying their first word around 12 months of age; however, some toddlers may say their first word a little later. .

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Collaboration Corner: The Technology You Need to Get It Done

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Kerry Davis | 0 Comments

  Like most school years, I’m always amazed at how chaotic re-entry can be. As a traveling therapist (locally, and now globally) a few everyday tech tools are an integral part of connecting wi...

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Kid Confidential: Teaching Parents the Power of Play

Posted on October 21, 2013 by Maria Del Duca | 0 Comments

  I don’t know if it is just my experience or if you too have found this to be a problem, but I have noticed the more I work with very young children, the more I realize parents do not actuall...

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The School Cafeteria: Hurry Up and EAT!

Posted on October 03, 2013 by Melanie Potuck | 0 Comments

  Most parents tell me that their elementary school child has 20 to 25 minutes to enter the school cafeteria,  search for her lunchbox buried in a portable tub, find a place to sit, open all t...

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