Your Baby Can Speak Spanish 3 disc Set (2 DVDs 1 CD & 104 language cards)

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Research shows young children learn to speak and understand a foreign language easier, faster and more completely with better retention. Adding music accelerates and enhances the process for learners of all ages.

Habla usted Español? Give your child a head start by teaching them a foreign language when they can learn faster and retain more. Your Baby Can Speak is a fun, natural way for children to learn French using multi-sensory interaction. 

Learning Language is Child’s Play!
With our Award-Winning Language Program
  • Children have a natural window of opportunity for learning a second language and multiple languages can be learned at the same time.
  • Program contains live-action DVD, animated DVD and CD with bilingual sing-along songs & lyrics.
  • Plus, 100 Word & Picture Cards that reinforce what they have learned.
  • It’s a fun, interactive experience for the whole family!  Great for on the go!


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