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Global Access Spanish 25 (CD, Deluxe)

Global Access Spanish 25 (CD, Deluxe)

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Global Access Special Edition is a comprehensive beginner through advanced language learning program designed for travel, business and personal enrichment.

This 20 CD program begins with 1 60-minute audio CD of survival words and phrases needed for travel. Next, 9 audio CDs feature beginning, intermediate, and advanced grammar concepts essential for language mastery. Then, test your comprehension with 3 immersion audio CDs containing conversations in the target language. Finally, 7 vocabulary building audio CDs include key vocabulary and phrases essential to fluency.

A multi-sensory experience with everything you need to master a language!

Also includes:

  • A CD-ROM with PDF Listening Guides of content for all 20 audio CDs.
  • 2 media player-friendly MP3 CDs of all audio content for language learning on-the-go.
  • A 60-minute Travelogue DVD with a guided tour of the target country for that language.
  • 250 full-color illustrated flashcards for easy review of key nouns, modifiers and verbs.
  • Travel case packed with all discs and extra room for flashcards, CD player or portable media player, maps, passports, etc.
  • BONUS! International Travel clock