Summertime Speech Activities for Toddlers

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Its summertime, the days are longer, the kids are from school, plus everyone would like to be outside. . Although a toddler could or might not be getting speech therapy over the summer, there continue to be...

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Socializing plus Toddler Speech-Language Development

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All youngsters thrive from socializing with different youngsters. . I really believe which being about different youngsters close inside age is regarded as the greatest elements that you can do for the toddler’s speech plus code...

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4th of July Fun for Toddlers

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It's virtually the 4th of July, thus what greater time to teach a toddler regarding Independence Day inside the United States? . Below is a roundup of several fun aspects that you can do plus create with a toddlers. ...

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My Toddler is Stuttering-Should I Be Concerned?

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Over the previous some weeks I've had many mothers of toddlers ask me regarding stuttering. . Many concerns have come from mothers I learn personally, plus certain concerns have come from e-mail plus social...

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Toddler Speech Therapy Basics

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There are a lot of terms utilized inside speech-language development. . We might hear words like articulation, fluency, expressive code, speech disorder, etc. . It is quite perplexing plus difficult to...

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/b/ Sound Toddler Speech plus Language Activities

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A some weeks ago, I guaranteed the fans of my Talking With Toddlers Facebook Page which I might provide away anything free when you reached 220 fans. . Well, you reached which plus then several! . We are today as much as...

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Did you know that your baby can read?

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Genre: Children's / Baby educational 
Age range: Ages 3 months - 5 years 

Your Baby Can Read! - Overview

Your Baby Can Read! is an early language development system for infants and toddlers. The system contains five DVDs which are focused on helping babies and kids up to five years old learn to read by giving them a multi-sensory experience with heavy exposure to print.

Your Baby Can Read! - Curriculum

Your Baby Can Read! DVDs are multi-sensory, meaning viewing children will learn through hearing, seeing, speaking, and moving. Kids are encouraged to learn through action as they clap, touch their ears, or raise their arms along with the babies and children on the screen. Children will also enjoy singing along with familiar songs and playing the word games at the end of each DVD.

In each DVD, children are presented with large, clearly printed words. Animation guides children to read the words from left to right, and the word is spoken by a child or adult narrator. The DVD also shows pictures of the word or children acting out the word. Each word is repeated, used in sentences, and otherwise demonstrated to viewing children.

The starter DVD and volumes 1-3 introduce new words and review previously learned words, with the fifth DVD being a review of over 160 words from the DVD set.

Your Baby Can Read! - Guide Review

The DVDs included in the Your Baby Can Read! system are well put together and of high quality. Words shown on the TV screen are clear and easy to read with effective animation that encourages kids to look at the words and read from left to right.

The images that correspond to the words incorporate many infant/toddler favorites such as footage of animals, babies, and other children, providing a fun and interesting foundation for the multi-sensory learning experience. Kids are able to hear the words and see both the word and the object or action denoted by the word. Viewing children are also encouraged to interact with the program.

Many DVDs and TV shows claim to be "interactive," though viewing children often just sit and stare at the screen while their favorite characters blink their eyes waiting for a "response." The DVDs in the Your Baby Can Read! series, however, are some of the most effective interactive programs I have seen. There is still no guarantee kids will interact, but the clear directives are usually demonstrated by babies or kids on the screen, and kids love to mimic other kids. At times, the DVDs move at such a rapid pace that viewing children may not have time to respond to everything, though.

The DVDs are quite intensive and repetitive, so some children may lose interest or get tired of watching before the DVD is over. Dr. Robert Titzer, creator of the DVDs, emphasizes that this is fine, and that kids can watch the DVDs each day for as long as they maintain interest. Co-viewing the DVD with children is a great way to help them maintain interest and learn to respond to the questions and games.




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