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5 Ways That Cooking Can Be a Toddler Speech and Language Enriching Activity

You may have noticed that I like to post toddler friendly recipes on the Talking With Toddlers Facebook Page.  I also like to include them in blog posts as a great toddler speech and language building activity.  Not only is cooking fun, but it's a great bonding activity for you and your toddler.

So you may be asking, "But, how does cooking build speech and language skills?"  Here are 5 ways that cooking can be a toddler speech and language enriching activity:

  1. Builds vocabulary - targets items found in the kitchen
  2. Demonstrates action words - focus on simple actions such as open, cut, cook, eat, bake, stir, etc.   
  3. Teaches your toddler to take turns -  alternate taking turns stirring, pouring, etc.
  4. Helps your toddler learn to follow one, two, and even three step directions - example:  open, pour, stir
  5. Increases conversation skills - talk about how the dish smells, tastes, and looks

Do you want some easy recipes that you can make with your toddler?  Try these out for a yummy and educational treat!

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