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Is Your Toddler Getting Therapy From An SLP or Someone Else?


I saw this article in my Facebook news feed this week, and I found it very interesting!  I provided speech therapy for the early intervention program in Savannah, Georgia for 7 years.  There were times that some of the children in Savannah were being seen for speech therapy by a special instructor or developmental interventionist (SI/DI) instead of a speech-language pathologist (SLP).  However, the SI/DI was providing services to these children only until an SLP was available since the SLP's had full caseloads. 

I've recently started providing speech therapy services for the early intervention program in MS, so I'm still learning how this program works!  If your toddler receives speech therapy through your state's early intervention program then you should definitely read this article by Smart Speech Therapy, LLC to make sure he or she is getting services from the appropriate provider. 

DI or SP:  Why it's important to know who is treating your child in Early Intervention

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