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Guest Blog Post - I Say Tomato, You Say Tomate

Last week I wrote a blog post called The Effect of Different Languages on Toddler Speech & Language Development.  In that post I talked about how it is okay for your toddler to learn another language in addition to his or her native language.  You can read that blog post by clicking on the title above.  I came up with the idea for that blog post from my friend, Melanie Simon, who asked me if she should speak more than one language to her children.  She was worried that it may cause language problems down the road.  Not only was she interested to learn the answer to her question, but she also used it as a basis for her own blog post.  
Her blog is called La Americana, and it is about her mixed household and the blending of two cultures and two languages among five family members.  Please take a look at her blog post titled, I Say Tomato, You Say Tomate, to learn more about how her family speaks two languages, including her toddler daughter, Ana!      

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