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Eye on Curriculum: Everyday Interactives

This month’s Eye on Curriculum series has taken a walk through special highlights from our comprehensive Interactive library. We kicked things off with a Back to School theme, journeyed into popular SMART Notebook and Promethean Flipchart files, then lastly, explored our exciting new Math Magician series. But what about games for everyday lesson plans? Don’t worry, we’ve got hundreds (and hundreds) of core subject and extra curricula files waiting for you!

The abcteach Interactive section is full of math, science, reading comprehension, foreign language, social studies, and other themed files for students of all ages. As you tour each section, you’ll find a broad range of skill sets, ranging from pre-K basics all the way through middle school. You’ll also find attendance charts, calendars, graphic organizers, and a variety of fun themes for the holidays and other special events (i.e. the Olympics). In addition, many of our files have been categorized for Common Core Standards, so students will have a balanced mix of fun while learning their essential grade-specific skills.

The links below are a handful of materials categorized according to subject, with multiple grade levels included. Take a look and see what works best for you! If you don’t find what you’re looking for or there’s something else that you need, please let us know. We’re always here to help.

And don’t forget: although our games are created to use with either SMART Notebook or Promethean Flipchart software, all can be accessed with your home or classroom computer!Math (over 250 in all!)
Flipchart: Math – Tally Marks
Flipchart: Math – Pumpkin Ten Frames

SMART Notebook: Math – Apple Tree Place Value (kdg)
SMART Notebook: Math – Money (elem)
SMART Notebook: Math – Metric Conversion Word Problems (grade 5)
SMART Notebook: Math – Multiplying and Dividing Integers (7th grade)

SMART Notebook: Salamander Label
SMART Notebook: Science – Part of a Plant (easy)Member
SMART Notebook: Science – The Food Chain
SMART Notebook: Crossword – International Space Station
Flipchart: Reading Comprehension – The Human Body (bones, muscles and cells)
Flipchart: Science: Animals – Invertebrates (label/octopus)
Social Studies
SMART Notebook: Map – Central America
SMART Notebook: Crossword – Winter Olympics

Interactive: Notebook: Social Studies – American Civil War
Interactive: Notebook: Social Studies – Presidential Matching
Interactive: Notebook: Map – South America
Interactive: Notebook: Secret Letters-Social Studies Map Skills (elem)

Reading Comprehension
Interactive: Flipchart: Why is Grass Green? (elem-middle)
Interactive: Flipchart: Reading Questions: TemplateMember
Interactive: Notebook: Holidays: Labor Day – Early Reader (with audio)
Interactive: Flipchart: Early Reader Comprehension – Colorful Crayons (with audio)
Interactive: Notebook: Reading Comprehension – Types of Clouds (with audio)
Interactive: Notebook: Reading Comprehension – Claude Monet (upper elementary)
Interactive: Flipchart: Phonics: Dolch Set 3: – Spelling (with audio)
Interactive: Notebook: ABC Order – ColorsMember
SMART Notebook: Spelling – The Basketball Game
SMART Notebook: Spelling – OU and OW words
SMART Notebook: Syllable School Sort
SMART Notebook: Spelling – Reading With Mr. Pugsley (level one)Posted by Lindsey Elton, abcteach Team


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