Top 5 Websites for Toddler Activities

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There are so many fantastic activity websites for toddlers on the internet.  There’s a whole new world of activities ranging from arts and crafts to messy play.  You can use these activities for rainy days, hot days, or any day that you want to give your toddler something creative to do.  Keep in mind that all of these activities can be used to build your toddler’s speech and language skills such as following directions, describing, and conversation.  Here are some of my favorite websites:
  • Hands on As We Grow – Kids activities, kids crafts, art projects, parenting tips, moms share, and more
  • First School – Printable activities, online games, seasonal activities.   I use the printable activities at least once a month with the toddlers I work with in speech therapy. 
  • Toddler Toddler – A variety of activities for your little ones, including instructions for each activity.
  • Rainy Day Mum – Includes activities for general play, creativity, toddlers, babies, and preschoolers. 
  • Activities Children – Activities for toddlers, children with special needs, and printable activities such as masks for pretend play. 
To learn more speech and language tips to help your toddler talk and communicate faster, be sure to check out my book on Amazon Kindle, Talking With Todders - 52 Tips to Boost Speech and Language Skills.   

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