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New Eye on Curriculum Series: Interactives

interactive classGreetings, colleagues! With the school year about to start, abcteach is back again with our Eye on Curriculum blog series. The Eye on Curriculum series is a monthly highlight of specific subjects or sections on abcteach. We’ll cover general concepts, teacher insights, and ways to use related materials in your class. If you missed it, check out any of last year’s subjects: Common Core Standards, Language Arts, Math, and

Teaching Extras.


This month’s “Eye” is Interactives. To keep pace with evolving classroom technology, our interactive section is one of the fastest growing categories at abcteach. Here you’ll find SMART Notebook, Promethean Flipchart, and PowerPoint files in a multitude of themes and subject listings. Each subcategory contains engaging learning games to use with students pre-K to upper elementary. No interactive whiteboard? No problem at all. Every interactive file can be used at home or in the class with a simple computer and mouse.


Before getting started, click on the links below to download the appropriate software. If you have any troubles with the setup, please visit our Interactives and PPT Help Page for troubleshooting hints.

• SMART Notebook (Windows | Mac)

• Promethean Flipchart

• PPT Viewers

In the upcoming weeks we will be featuring various subjects, new releases, and grade-specific games. To kick things off, here’s a sampling of interactives with a Back to School theme:

• Interactives: Notebook: Back to School Theme (multi age)

• Interactive: Notebook: Template: Back to School (Member)

• Interactives: Notebook: Word Search: Back to School (prim/elem) (Member)

• Interactives: Notebook: Word Search: Back to School (elem – middle) (Member)

• Interactives: Notebook: Playground Theme (multi age) (Member)

Back to School is always a busy time, so please let us know if we can help in any way. We are proud to be your colleagues and we wish you all the best for the new year!

To your continued success,

The abcteach Team

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