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Toddler Speech & Language Fun At The Zoo

PictureLast weekend, my husband and I wanted to take our 18 month old twin toddlers somewhere special.  We decided to take them to the local zoo, which we are so lucky to have in our own city.  We really enjoy getting them out and about, and we want to cherish these times of them being so small while we can.  They had so much fun and were mesmerized by all of the animals, especially the giraffe (see the picture), bear, and flamingos - which one my twins called a duck…ha! 

Did you know that the zoo is a great speech and language skill building experience for toddlers?  Here are some of the reasons why: 

  • Boosts vocabulary – toddlers learn the names of a variety of animals, what they look like, and where they live
  • Stimulates the senses – toddlers can see the differences in various animals, they can smell a range of smells (food, animals, environments), and they can feel and touch many textures in the petting area. 
  • Increases speech sound development – your toddler can work on sound imitation by learning the sounds that each animal makes.  Sound imitation eventually leads to words.
  • Great conversation starter – talk with your toddler about what he/she saw, ate, did, and experienced.  Be sure to ask open ended questions.

  • Choice making activity – it gives your toddler a choice of what he/she wants to see and do first.  By giving your toddler choices you are creating another way for him or her to communicate with you, and it also creates a sense of independence.

So, make a visit to a zoo near you.  There’s nothing better than watching your toddler have fun while learning at the same time!    
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