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Colors?  Stick To The Basics!

PictureA limited weeks ago, my sister called me with a toddler speech therapy question.  She was worried considering a friend asked her when her 2 year aged small boy knew his hues yet.  Her friend mentioned which her 2 year older small girl knew all her hues, shapes, plus was capable to name photos from flashcards.  My sister asked me when this really is anything her small boy must recognize at this age.  Yes, it’s significant for a child to eventually discover their colors; nonetheless, the toddler could initially be capable to express their wants plus requires by interacting along with you plus their caregivers throughout your day. 

Many  times whenever I’ve gone to a house to a toddler speech-language evaluation the parents are thus happy to tell me which they’re assisting their toddler discover hues, however the child can’t tell them which he/she wants a cookie or perhaps a favorite toy.  I explain for them which it’s significant for their toddler to understand how to communicate their simple wants plus demands initially plus build their receptive (what a toddler understands) plus expressive (what the toddler says) vocabulary before naming hues. 

Colors are adjectives.  When a toddler can state at smallest fifty single words, you are able to begin adding inside hues when he or she is willing to create 2 word words (that is the upcoming stage of speech plus code development).  Just ensure the child is prepared for hues.  Do not drive them about a toddler.  There are numerous alternative 2 word combinations you are able to highlight till a toddler is willing for hues.            

Please keep in your mind which I’m not suggesting hues are unimportant.  They have their time plus area!  It’s important which the toddler understand their hues eventually, in the beginning you need to follow the fundamentals.  I think many early intervention speech-language pathologists might agree with me too! 
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