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Summertime Speech Activities for Toddlers

PictureIts summertime, the days are longer, the kids are from school, plus everyone would like to be outside.  Although the toddler might or can not be getting speech therapy over the summer, there continue to be various items that you can do because a parent to continue stimulating their speech plus code abilities till school plus therapy start again inside the fall.  The first method to do this really is by play.  Why play?  Because youngsters understand from play.  Play is fun plus is a all-natural piece of the child’s development.  Not just is play entertaining for the child, it may furthermore be fun for we.  What greater time to aid a toddler plus allow out the inside child than the dog days of summer?   

Below are certain fun elements that you can do which can develop plus build on a toddler’s present speech plus code skills: 

  • Take a walk with a toddler by a neighborhood, downtown, or surrounding park.  Talk regarding everything we see including vehicles, trees, birds, etc. whilst utilizing easy code.  As an example you are able to state, “Look at the small red auto.  It’s going quickly.”  You are able to have the toddler identify popular objects we name by gesturing or pointing towards which object.
  • Blow bubbles outside.  Get a toddler request “more” or “bubble” to receive we to blow more bubbles.  If he/she is beginning to place words together have him/her state, “more bubble” or “want more bubble.”  He/she may furthermore repeat “pop” or “pop bubble” whenever popping the bubbles.  If pronunciation is an matter, have him/her state “buh” or “buh-buh” for bubbles or “pah” for pop till he will state the term properly.
  • Swim with a toddler at a community pool.  Work about receptive code abilities (what the child understands) by having him/her work easy actions about control inside the pool including jump, kick, plus run.  Target expressive code abilities (what the child says) whenever leaping in plus out within the side of the pool by having the toddler repeat words including “go”, “in”, plus “out”.  Pool time is additionally a good chance to function about identifying standard body components including eyes, nose, mouth, feet, plus hands.      
  • Finger paint inside the yard.  Name the hues because a toddler is painting them.  Get him or her recognize hues by asking him or her to explain to you certain hues because he/she is painting (for illustration state, “Show me blue” plus he/she may paint with all the blue color).  Get a toddler verbally name the hues when he/she is capable.  Draw standard shapes including round, square, plus triangle because you’re painting with a child.  Again, have him/her know the shapes by pointing plus verbally state their names when he will.        

What additional escapades plus games does a toddler like?  Follow the same procedure of identifying plus requesting by incorporating it into the toddler’s favorite activity.  Be creative, plus take it outside this summer! 
To understand more speech plus code tricks to enable a toddler speak plus communicate quicker, make sure to check out my book about Amazon Kindle, Talking With Todders - 52 Tips to Increase Speech plus Language Skills.   

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