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My Toddler is Stuttering-Should I Be Concerned?


Over the previous limited weeks I've had many mothers of toddlers ask me regarding stuttering.  Many issues have come from mothers I learn personally, plus certain concerns have come from e-mail plus social media.  The principal query I have been asked is, "My toddler has started stuttering.  Should I be worried, and just how must I fix it?"  So, here is my expert opinion about toddler stuttering.

What is stuttering?  The American Speech-Language Hearing Association defines it as:

It is fairly widespread to hear the toddler stutter from time to time.  He/she is beginning to place sounds plus words together to shape thoughts plus sentences.  Many toddlers love to speak plus are eager to tell we everything they understand - the superior, the bad, as well as the ugly!  Because their brains are functioning at top speed, their small mouths might have a tough time capturing up.  As a outcome, you might hear a toddler repeat a word or sound over plus over again.  We will hear a toddler stutter whenever he or she is tired, excited, or frustrated.  The superior information is the fact that many youngsters outgrow this!  

However, it will could become a condition when:

  • your toddler tenses up his/her body or mouth like he/she is striving to drive out his/her words.
  • your toddler avoids talking all together
  • your toddler's pitch rises whenever he/she stutters
  • your toddler stutters found on the most of his/her speech throughout your day (specialists state about over 10% of his/her speech)  
You may assist a toddler by:

  • speaking at a slower rate of speech
  • allowing enough time for him/her to receive the content over to you
  • avoiding suggesting factors like "slow down", "stop", plus "relax" because this can add more stress to a toddler to speak
  • limiting the amount of issues we ask; rather comment about what he/she says
  • being supportive
Helpful resources regarding stuttering:

If we do think which the toddler can have a more serious disfluency please don't hesitate to speak to a pediatric speech-language pathologist.  We recognize a toddler much better than anybody else!  You are able to discover how to locate a neighborhood SLP by reading 1 of my alternative website posts, Help!  My Toddler Is Not TalkingTo understand more speech plus code secrets to aid the toddler speak plus communicate quicker, make sure to check out my book about Amazon Kindle, Talking With Todders - 52 Tips to Increase Speech plus Language Skills.   

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