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Only My Favorite Toys Ever

You all know good toys are my passion and play is my game, so when Lacy from Living On Love recently shared THE sweetest toys on her Facebook page, I fell hard and fast in love.

These little gems are called MinnieFolk and they are made by Minnie And The Monster. Here are some of the many reasons I love them.

  1. They are {super} quality. Jennifer says, “Each MinnieFolk creation is handcrafted from sustainably harvested wood, and hand-painted with nontoxic watercolors that are colored with lovely things like beetroot, wild mustard and black elderberry. Dolls are sanded, woodburned and painted — all by hand. Then they’re coated with a gloriously organic mix of lavender, beeswax and jojoba oil before they’re wrapped up in a tidy little package and shipped to your door.” (And now, all of the natural mamas swoon.)
  2. They are smart. Just realistic enough to evoke characters but vague enough to allow for flexibility, these wooden dolls are a pretend play lovers dream.
  3. They are just for you. Jennifer can customize a set to look like your family or even meet a special request. I’m gifting a two-doll set for an upcoming party. The birthday boy will get a doll that looks him and one of his favorite horse. Lucky guy!
  4. They are good for language. They are good for language, because they are good for play. What’s more, they are also available in classic children’s story characters. That means your child can act out her favorite stories with these sweet toys. For you teachers, speech therapists, and adult lovers of play that also means you can use MinnieFolk when you are encouraging storytelling. See! They really are good for language. Can you recognize some of your favorite story characters in the pictures below? How cute is “Little Red”?
  5. And finally, they are just lovable. MinnieFolk just feel good, which is honestly hard to describe. Holding them is like having a little spark of childhood magic in your hand. They make you want to play. You feel inspired. You know it’s a toy your child will love for a long time. These will not be in any yard sale, but instead passed down through generations to be loved and treasured.

So, since I’m sure you want to get some MinnieFolk for yourself head on over to the Minnie And The Monster Etsy Page and follow along on Instagram @minnieandthemonster to stay on top of Jennifer’s newest creations.

And best of all, I’m GIVING a set away! Starting at 9 am (EST) on Tuesday, December 17th you’ll have 24 hours to enter on my Little Stories Facebook Page Flash Giveaway for a set of two MinnieFolk. This Flash Giveaway is part of a Round Robin giveaway between 16 different bloggers, so there will be lots of cool things up for grabs. Check it out!

*I am NOT an affiliate or receiving any product or compensation for endorsing this product. I am just truly in love and want to connect people who love quality toys with the people who make them. Have fun, playas!

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